The Elizabethan dress wear is almost like the fashion you would see if you went to the Renaissance Fair.

What did they wear?

The underclothes there wore were:
  • shirts (puffy shirts white or creme usually)
  • stockings and hose (high socks kind of)
  • codpieces (underwear)
  • corsets


The clothes they wore over top was:
  • doublet (over top of shirt)
  • separate sleeves
  • breeches (pants)
  • belt (around waist)
  • ruff (goes around neck)
  • cloak (kind of like a cape)
  • shoes
  • hat (sometimes has a feather on side)mens_doublet.jpgMens-Breeches.jpgBelts.jpgrenaissance-ruff.jpgclok.jpgelizabethan_hat.jpg