• The Upper Class
    • Clothing was made either from, velvets, satin, furs, silks, lace, cottons and taffeta.
    • Clothing and Hair was decorated with fine jewels, and pearls.
    • Had better hygine because they had more money to take care of themselves.
    • Gowns with ruffles and puffy sleeves, showed that the women were in higher class.
    • Most clothing was embroidered with either gold or silver.
    • Used gold or silver set gemstones.


  • The Lower Class
    • Lower class women and men could only wear clothing made out of, wool, linen, and sheepskin.
    • Only wear the colors, brown, beige, yellow, orange, green, gray, and blue.
    • Allowed to have, silk, taffeta, and velvet trimmings.
    • Had NO style.