Over their clothing they wore:
  • Smock or shift
  • Stockings
  • Corset. This defined the shape of the woman's body.
  • Hooped skirt
  • Rowle
  • Stomacher
  • Petticoat
  • Kirtle
  • Forepart
  • Partlet

Over their Clothing they wore:
  • Gown
  • Separate sleeves
  • Ruff
  • Cloak
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During this time, what the women wore was known a way of self-expression. The women wore clothing that covered from the woman's neck down to their ankles. The women wore gowns that had a tight waistline. So, the woman worked hard to get a small waistline. The types of gowns they had all depended on if they're upperclassman or a lowerclassman. Some gowns had ruffles on them and most of them had a puffy sleeve. Most people didn't worry to much about what their shoes because their long gowns covered up their shoes. Also, most women wore huge gold necklaces.The gowns that they used to wear back in this time are hardly ever seen now a days. Like today, the woman wore similar clothing to eacother. Bigger women wore gowns that flattered their figure.The women wore a lot of extra accessories.The women usually dyed their hair blonde. They wore their hair in many different styles but they always had their hair brushed back off their forehard. Some of the women wore pheasants hair and sometime put in strands of white or yellow silk. They also wore white makeup to hide the sign of ageing. The women in this time were only allowed to wear these things, it was the law. They couldn't have hardly any of their skin showing.